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Key Features

  • Qualified and experienced language trainers
  • Focus towards the technicalities of language training
  • Dedicated exercises for fluency, vocabulary and the structures of language

Learn Hindi at

IndoLingua offers various Hindi programs, especially for Non-speakers. These programs are designed with a special focus on equipping learners right from the first class. The best thing about these programs is that not only does it help Non-Hindi speakers with basic conversations from the first module onwards, but acquaints them with the whole language structure and culture of the language.

Comprehension exercises and vocabulary strengthening form the core of every level of the Hindi Level. At IndoLingua, confidence-building exercises and interactive sessions are a regular feature.


Beginner Level

The Beginner Level consists of four modules. Designed specifically for those with negligible acquaintance with Hindi, the level starts with a session on essentials like greetings, honorific suffixes, names of months and days of the week. The basic level continues with an introduction to vowels and consonants within the Hindi sound system. This is followed by sessions on commonly used sentences, questions and responses.

After the IndoLingua Beginner Level, you will be able to use common words in day-to-day conversations and apply your knowledge of Hindi jargon to daily life situations.

Elementary Level

The Elementary Level aims at increased fluency. With this stage, assistance and facilitation are lessened so as to let learners' express themselves better. Exercises like event-description, daily-routine description and group conversations form the core of this stage of the Hindi certificate course. Thorough sessions on the tenses are held and learners are exposed to commonly used verbs.

After you complete this level, you will be able to use common verbs with ease and express your choices well.

Lower Intermediate Level

Intermediate level consists of two modules. By now, the learner is adept at expressing events and describing scenes. The course now focuses on training learners to express their needs, give reasons, discussing possibilities and the like. Sessions on making comparisons between objects, ideas and feelings are held and learners are taught the use of longer sentences. In this level, trainers introduce the use of different grammatical structures and expressions of possession.

After the completion of the Lower Intermediate Level, learners will be able to provide details and express themselves by way of complex sentences and deliver longer responses.

Higher Intermediate Level

The Higher Intermediate Level is the penultimate and a crucial level in IndoLingua's Hindi Certificate Course. It consists of two modules and sessions on comprehension and on complex and compound structures are the core of this program. At this stage, learners are encouraged to engage in serious conversations with a casual approach. Problem-solving and decision-making sessions are held as well.

After the completion of this level, you will be able to speak with negligible amount of errors and express personal opinions with utmost clarity, as well as using words from daily vocabulary.

Advanced Level

Our Advanced Level is for Non-Hindi speakers who require final touches to their knowledge of the language. At this stage, learners are exposed to a variety of situations, experiences and a variety of sentence structures. The use of idioms is taught and attention is paid to lessening even minor errors. Group sessions encourage discussing ideas and problems. Well-structured speech is the highlight of this level.

Once you complete the Advanced Level, you will be able to express yourself with strong opinions and talk about niche areas like products and services.

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