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IndoLingua Language Institute

Learn to communicate with the world around you
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Who We Are?

IndoLingua is a language Institute in New Delhi. We are professionals from different domains of language learning. Combining experience and new methodologies, our team comprises of native speakers, experienced in language teaching and acquisition. With a desire for developing psychological solutions to questions of language training. Our trainers are carefully screened, based on qualifications, attitude, and experience, to provide you, our learners, a unique language learning experience.

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IndoLingua New Delhi

Learn Hindi in Delhi at IndoLingua

IndoLingua offers various Hindi programs, especially for Non-speakers. These programs are designed with a special focus on equipping learners right from the first class. The best thing about these programs is that not only does it help Non-Hindi speakers with basic conversations from the first module onwards, but acquaints them with the whole language structure and culture of the language.

Comprehension exercises and vocabulary strengthening form the core of every level of the Hindi Level. At IndoLingua, confidence-building exercises and interactive sessions are a regular feature.

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Learn English in Delhi at IndoLingua

IndoLingua brings a scientifically designed course of English for learners with varying degrees of cognizance and exposure. Our English Certificate Course for Beginners has been structured to train learners' minds in such a way so that he is molded in all aspects of the language namely vocabulary, speech and grammar. Once with us, you will realize the capacity your mind and knowledge has, to internalize English which is at once complicated and easy to learn.

Our modern day-to-day life requires that you speak good English, a language that is undeniably global today. At IndoLingua, innovative techniques are used to give you a like-never-before understanding of English keeping your interests and time schedule in mind.

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4 reasons to start language

Hands-on training

Exercises for weak areas. Active, one-to-one engagement with learners. Program levels for different levels of competence/proficiency. Exercises on confidence boosting.

Intensive Focus on Special Areas

Comprehension exercises for better concept grip. Exercises for simulation of real discussions. Vocabulary sessions at every level to aid daily interaction.

Pronunciation and Fluency Assistance

Training the ear for better pronunciation. Interactive sessions on rhythm and fluency. Classes on catching and using informal usages.

Superior Subject Matter

Foundation of language learning by way of culture acquaintance. Curated and compiled by subject matter experts and editing and translation specialists.

Our Book Centre

We offer a wide range of books for teachers and students.

The Book Center provides schools, language centres, colleges and universities with English teaching materials from international sources.

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30 lessons per week, Upper-Intermediate to Advanced levels, course length: 4, 8-12 weeks

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