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Key Features

  • Language learning made easy and proficient at several levels by our expert trainers
  • An intensive, all-round exposure to formal and informal English
  • Fluency, Vocabulary and Accent Training
  • Efficient time management through flexible courses and programs keeping your needs in mind

Learn English at

IndoLingua brings a scientifically designed course of English for learners with varying degrees of cognizance and exposure. Our English Certificate Course for Beginners has been structured to train learners' minds in such a way so that he is molded in all aspects of the language namely vocabulary, speech and grammar. Once with us, you will realize the capacity your mind and knowledge has, to internalize English which is at once complicated and easy to learn.

Our modern day-to-day life requires that you speak good English, a language that is undeniably global today. At IndoLingua, innovative techniques are used to give you a like-never-before understanding of English keeping your interests and time schedule in mind.

Certificate Course

Beginner Level

The Beginner Level stage consists of four modules. This program is ideally for those with little or no exposure to English. To begin with, the trainers will assess learners' fluency, vocabulary, pronunciation—in short, whatever their overall grounding is, in the language. They utilize group discussion sessions to assess the learner's confidence with English communication. As you progress from the initial modules to the higher ones, it enables you to express yourself with lesser difficulty and prepares you to take part in a simple routine conversation with help from the listener with gained fluency.

Lower Intermediate Level

The Lower Intermediate Level has two modules. Learners entering this stage are moderately comfortable with understanding and can express themselves with limited proficiency with a little bit of effort. Trainers within the Lower Intermediate stage focus on exercises for better comprehension of more complicated sentence structures. You are eventually able to express opinions and ideas in words. At the end of this level you will be able to describe events, ask and in turn answer with proper connected sentences.

Higher Intermediate Level

IndoLingua's Higher Intermediate Level is designed for learners fairly comfortable with English. This level comprises of two modules. Learners are taught a variety of expressions including advice/suggestions and various sentence structures. The higher intermediate stage also pays specific attention to vocabulary-building and has exercises to aid your word bank. Group exercises are conducted for situations that require problem-solving. You become a confident fluent speaker who is able to take part in routine conversations both formal and informal with great ease.

Advanced Level

The Advanced Level is the final in our series-based English language course. The emphasis here is laid on transforming confident, fluent, learners into perfect speakers of the language. It gives you that extra edge. This level consists of two modules, and its latter stages focuses on your professional requirements, training you in the art of persuasive speech and descriptive expression. These include sessions on intensive reading and listening, in order to modulate the tone and intention of your language. Exercises regarding accent training and articulation are conducted, which in turn reduces the regional influences in your speech to the best possible extent. The Advanced Level is a rather crucial stage in our English Certificate Course for Beginners as here our exercises are based on the four main aspects of language, especially phonemic and Pragmatics.

Hence, at the end of the series-based session you come out as a well polished speaker who can interact fluently in English with confidence in any situation making both life and work fruitful.