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Mission & Vision

The mission of IndoLingua is to weave successful stories of people who learnt another language, and to prepare them for a cross-cultural experience. Most language schools promise to deliver on all the right aspects of learning a new language, namely, fluency, accuracy and confidence. At IndoLingua, our objective is to execute our methodologies, not altogether different, but better organised. The result? You grow through the course of the programs we offer.

Our programs lay special emphasis on accuracy, by way of intensive engagement with standard usage. IndoLingua's multi-dimensional exposure to this language that you want to learn, includes certified trainers, superior reading material, enthusiastic fellow-learners, and most valuable of all, a conducive environment. Sessions of peer interaction boost fluency. Confidence has to follow.

Our trainers are proficient with international standards of editing and translation. This is crucial because this helps us understand the reservations and strengths of our learners. Knowledge of local patterns of language helps locate opportunities where you can build upon. IndoLingua's approach, both towards individual requirements and those of larger groups, makes it a uniquely fresh way to learn a language.

IndoLingua deals scientifically with language training, and linguistic methodology forms the blueprint of our programs. Along with standard usage, you are acquainted with local phrases for working knowledge of the concerned language. This means that even before the course is completed and you can rattle away whole sentences, you can actually communicate with locals, win adulation for your compliments, greetings and responses! Even as you grow with communicative competence, we keep track of your grammatical proficiency.

Language endears. Learn one today.

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The Language Institute supports the teaching and learning of various languages. It does so flexibly in accordance with the needs of its users; it uses IT to underpin its operations and its activities are informed by relevant research in second language acquisition and educational technology.

The Advising Team is here to support you on a one-to-one basis, exploring resources and opportunities to structure a path towards your personal language learning goals. We are most interested in helping you identify the strengths and learning preferences that will motivate your language study.

The Language Institute provides a range of courses in different languages, including English, for students and staff of the institutes and centres; in addition to offering teaching directly to specific students enrolled with different courses.

Applying to the Language Centre

  1. Contact us on our official phone numbers or write to us at [email protected] you can also call us prior to fixing your appointment at our authorized centre.

  2. Bring a passport size photo with an address and photo identification.

  3. Complete the Language Centre application.

  4. Take the entrance exam to determine your level. Bring ID to the test site.

  5. Register at the Language Centre paying the course fee.

Why study at IndoLingua?

With experience in development and innovation in teaching foreign languages, IndoLingua focuses on the individual needs of the students. We deploy internationally accepted methodologies to make acquisition and learning of language easier for you. Our language classes are dynamic in nature, involving different techniques, exercises and strategies for learning.