What’s the meaning of IndoLingua?

Indo – of or connected with India.

Lingua – a language used for communication.

Definitions are taken by the worldly renowned Cambridge dictionary.

IndoLingua is a language institute in India. Our mission is to weave successful stories of people who learnt another language, and to prepare them for a cross-cultural experience. At IndoLingua, our objective is to execute our modern and international teaching methodologies.  We are professionals from different domains of language learning. Combining experience and new methodologies, our team comprises of subject matter experts, specialists in translation and language patterns, qualified language trainers with a knack for developing psychological solutions to questions of language training. Our trainers are carefully screened, based on qualifications, attitude, and experience. As result we provide you a unique language learning experience. 

Our programs lay special emphasis on accuracy by way of intensive engagement with standard usage. Our multi-dimensional exposure to any language you want to learn, includes certified trainers, superior reading material, enthusiastic fellow-learners, and most valuable of all and most noteworthy, a conducive environment. Sessions of peer interaction boost fluency. Confidence has to follow.

Trainers and instructors at IndoLingua are proficient with international standards of editing and translation. This is crucial because this helps us understand the reservations and strengths of our learners. Knowledge of local patterns of language helps locate opportunities where you can build upon. IndoLingua’s approach towards individual requirements and those of larger groups makes it a uniquely fresh way to learn a language. Language training, and linguistic methodology forms the blueprint of our programs. Along with standard usage, you are acquainted with local phrases for working knowledge of the concerned language. This means that even before the course is completed you can actually communicate with locals, win adulation for your compliments, greetings and responses! Even as you grow with communicative competence, we keep track of your grammatical proficiency.

Language endears. Learn one today.

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