10 Definite Ways To Improve Your English Vocabulary


The treasure cask of any language is its vocabulary. English is a vast and ever-changing language. Everyday innumerous words get added to it and to keep up with it, one needs a strong and large vocabulary. A large vocabulary has a lot to give, by not only opening up our powers of expression but also adding to our imagination. Our mind is a like a palace, it can’t be built in a day. Brick by brick with attention and care it will have a strong base. Similarly our vocabulary can’t be enhanced in a day. Time, focus and attention is needed and here are 10 mind-blowing tips that will help you in this word-ly journey.

  1.  A Word A Day Keeps All Worries Away! : Try to learn a new word every day. Growth is a gradual process. A new word everyday will add a branch to the tree of your English Vocabulary.
  2.  A Dictionary Is A Must: Words are incomplete without proper meaning and association and for that you need a handy dictionary. Keep one near so that whenever you have to tackle a tough word, you won’t feel alone.
  3.  Read & Read As Much As You Can: Good books are a great source of new and interesting words. Read whatever you get, novels, magazines, biographies. A simple word can have a different usage. One can come across such words and having a clear meaning is important for a enriched vocabulary.
  4.  Engage In Conversations & Use The Newly Learnt Words In Sentences: Engage in active conversations and use your words while speaking or in oration.
  5.  Word Games & Crossword Puzzles: Challenge your colleague in a word game or sit with your family engaging with each other in word games and scrabble. Crossword puzzles are mostly based on tough words and it is another great way to add to your ever growing vocabulary.
  6.  Knowing The Roots: There are many English words whose roots are in ancient languages like Latin and French. Having a clear knowledge of roots just makes it easier to remember the word.
  7.  Repetition: Repeat the previous words so that it’s imprinted in the memory through constant usage, thinking and writing.
  8.  Write and Label: Form sentences with the learnt words and use it in different kinds of writing. Label the names of complicated things and use sticky notes to remember the tough ones.
  9.  Listen: Listen to the English news broadcasts. There are several news channels. It’s a great way to come across new words that is specific to some situation or some new term that has been coined lately.
  10.  Start Learning Where You Are: Whether you are at your home or at work or at any part of the world, if you come across a new word, don’t leave it. Instantly look up its meaning and usage. Learning comes with a flow. It’s up to you whether you nourish it or let it wither.

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